Sunday, October 30, 2011


RS70 puts up a paster on Melrose with a compilation of signs and graffiti pieces. M&F knows some of the writers featured and don't believe this is any kind of sponsored poster. Kind of looks like a 'favorites' mash-up.

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  1. ... Not sponsored. Favorites mash up great description. Be4 technological tornado & everything being digitized used to make hand created self published mag called U.G.H.C. Under Ground Hard Core. Tha poster is a best of introducing the YouTube channel: UGHC1 : Twitter: @_RS70_ & RS70.BLOGSPOT.COM Lot of history on that poster.
    2nd pic: POE throwie from when graff store Workmans was still open on Melrose. In memory of Syd Barret & George Carlin. Cope throwie, Meres TD4. Classic New York Hard Core music promoze. KYLE LTS joint from 90'S. Headline Records up think Axis mighta drawn that high powered character. +...
    3rd pic: Static, Sever, Apear, MQ, Bonks, throwiez. From music scene: Ezec aka Danny Diablo tagging up at 1st Son Of Skam show at Wetlands in NYC late 90'z. DJ Product of Hed Pe getn up on tha road during Broke tour. Classic Stay High joint was actually on Highland Ave in Hollywood. Rime MSK tag was during one of tha Gower sessions. Retna was when we were smashing what is now called Five Points in Long Island City Queens end of the 20th century getn blunted painting while tha 7 line would regularly rumble by. Flick of some rollers when tha River was still smashed. +...
    4th pic: Legendary CBGB's back in tha day. Infamous REVS & COST joint. Big Serch on the streets of Hollywood City. Aloy and Chunk at tha abandoned Burger King that was on Highland between Hollywood & Franklin. Amoeba great record store. Wild Palace show back in tha day on Vine its now called Avalon. Ozzy & Korn tick from 1st Sunset Strip Music Fest. Big Gyroe up. + a ton of other ups. Over 20 years of Hardcore Graffiti history. +...
    Appreciate tha up. Keep on, keepn on. All best much respect. RS70