Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Piece! - Banksy Does Monopoly Man for 'Occupy London'

Reportedly Banksy left a new piece of art in support of the Occupy London movement.

The piece features the Monopoly Man with a five o'clock shadow and looking like he has fallen on rough times. The board pieces that can be seen from the include a light bulb and the kaiserrort.com. Perhaps our favorite part about this piece is the tagging and Tox bubble letters on the house.

Also dig how it utilized the Monopoly Man, whom we have come to enjoy seeing on the streets from LA's own Alec Monopoly.

This is being reported as Banksy's piece, although it has not yet been confirmed on Banksy's website. (Sourced from the Banksy Forums)

***First pic from London Photographer Jason Reeve***


  1. Banksy does Alec haha

  2. WOW!!! Alec should really give up the Monopoly after this art piece!!Banksy ripped it!!

  3. Zeus has already done it:

  4. Alec does a character that I made a stencil of 5 years ago, does that mean he's copying me? Psssssh. It really is what it is, pop influenced street art, not really something one could copyright considering it is infringed in the first place.

  5. Have to admit-this use of the character and concept actually says something without having to explain it. Superb timing, execution and production value. The Alec guy who paints the monopoly man in LA doesnt really have a clear focus except for the fact that the character has to do with money and "the man" and
    how corrupt the world is-far too vague and cliche.
    Its like if you have to explain the punch line of a joke-it just means the joke isnt funny. sorry-no offense- just call it like I see it and its my opinion.

  6. How did Banksy randomly leave this giant piece in the middle of a movement? lol

    I don't get it... Either the man is invisible, or literally everyone actually knows who he/she is and just refuses to say.

  7. Banksy is not 1 person, thats how, Banksy is a group of rotating artists.

  8. OR he had his "people" drop it off.....durt durt DUH