Friday, October 28, 2011

Morley Makes It On Television

Morley prints get shown on Comedy Central!

Its cool whenever street artists make it beyond the streets and infiltrates other news outlets, and Morley just got a prime feature in a show on Comedy Central.

The show is called 'Workaholics' and Morley's pieces are hanging on the walls during a scene about 2 minutes in. For those who want to watch it, the episode is called 'Old Man Ders'.

We have mentioned on the blog before that while we always enjoy Morley's work, the black and white was our favorite. But after seeing how good these colored pieces look, we might have to reconsider. Looks dope.

Note: the other image on the walls next to the Morley's which looks like the same joystick that Destroy All Design puts up is not from Destroy. It is from an artist named 'Bughouse'.

Dig it. Stay up~

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