Thursday, October 27, 2011

Awesome Scavenger Hunt - The Complete Package~

This is the biggest scavenger hunt through M&F yet. Click the jump to find details on how to score an awesome package including t shirts, footwear, cd's, and a print from one of LA's hottest up and coming street artists.

AND--this is the first scavenger hunt with an age requirement--must be over 18 to participate!

This scavenger hunt is the complete package. The lucky winners will score a D9 T Shirt, free ninja socks, a cd from DJ Steady P, and free signed print of your choice from Burn One.

What is even cooler is that this giveaway is suited for the individual finder. You won't find all the gear at the scavenger hunt location. Rather, you will receive a code to direct you to D9 where you can order any t shirt in the right size that will fit. And also visit Ninja Sox to get some free 'ninja socks'. Finally, contact Burn One through the info and pick your choice of one of his dope prints. The choices include his sick street pieces featuring Tupac, Biggie, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Lil Wayne and Tyler The Creator. All items will be shipped to the scavenger hunt winners completely free of charge.

This is an awesome hunt, and the biggest package deal that has ever been offered on M&F. We really dig the Delta 9 collection--it is a brand that is themed on smoking weed. Its right down our alley, and the designs on the shirts are bad ass. Each shirt even comes with a weed 'no-smell' baggy. And Ninja Sox are the socks that are perfect for California. They are the socks that ride low on the ankle so it looks like you aren't wearing any ideal for sneakerheads. And Burn One has been making a name for himself creating dope hip hop based imagery on the streets of LA.

***Note-Due to the marijuana themed nature of the hunt, only finders over 18, please***

The scavenger hunt locations can be found on Melrose, Fairfax, and Santa Monica, with the tips from the pics to be used as clues. Note--the packages are well hidden at these locations and even glued underneath stuff at one spot, so search thoroughly when you get to the right spot. Happy hunting!

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  1. got one!! no idea how to see the prints tho, note just says to pick one lol