Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AMK Rooftop Takeover - Action Shots!

Got some action shots of AMK getting up on a rooftop spot on Melrose.

AMK is putting up 3 of his signature spider pieces, and a tag up top.

This is a daring daytime hit, and it believe it is not a sanctioned wall.

Dig it. Stay up~


  1. diggin this guys work. rad -EG

  2. did he just pick a easy Stencil? spiders really?

  3. ^ grammar. Your argument is invalid.

  4. yes he did! ups AMK!

    cant wait to see what whoever^ posted before has to put onto a rooftop so we can all judge it.

  5. careful young man, you can hurt your back with brass balls that big!

    don't worry about the arachnophobe with bad grammar. its so easy to be the critic from the comfort of grandma's basement.

    stay up... and be as careful as you can.... kind of an oxymoron, but i'm practicing being a dad and sometimes i suck.


  6. this fool is blowing up

  7. Big UPs AMK _Cali Love