Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Teach Love - Installation Pics

A lot of people wondered how Teacher accomplished his amazing rooftop takeover, and here are some action shots of the installation.

Each letter has been individually formed and affixed to the top of the building.

Impressive work all the way around, and what a great view of the LA skyline at night.

You can check out Teacher's finished piece HERE.


  1. Awesome stuff man! Love it!

  2. Is that foam or wood?

  3. foam or corrugated plastic would have been so much easier to carry up there - maybe even nice light aluminum poles too, but i have to be as low budget as possible so i can keep producing stuff, so this was all from left over materials at a construction site. when i told the guys what i was going to do with it, they thought i was kidding but said go ahead and take it. its all wood - the poles are 2inch x 4inch x 8ft pressure treated wood(quite heavy) and the letters are 1/4inch plywood. i used some heavy gage wire to wrap around the poles attaching them to the big metal horizontal beam. should hold up in the worst weather but i'm thinking they'll probably take it down after the thanksgiving holiday... hope not though =)