Monday, November 28, 2011

New Obey Mural - The Black Hills Are Not For Sale

Obey put up a new mural on Melrose entitled 'The Black Hills Are Not For Sale'.

On the front of De La Barracuda on Melrose. Dig the way this piece looks going big. Its like a simple gigantic poster, and not a layered effect.

With Sweet Toof up above, and Morley on the box in front.

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  1. Do some Googling and give us more background on the piece. That's why Shepard put it there:

    from Native News Network "The PBS News Hour ran a segment about nine Sioux Tribes reluctance to take $1.3 billion for the Black Hills that has grown during the past 31 years from $105 million that was set aside for them from a 1980 US Supreme Court ruling in the tribes' favor. The money was set aside to compensate the Sioux tribes for the taking of the Black Hills in 1877 by the US government. The Black Hills were rich in minerals, including gold.