Friday, November 25, 2011

Free Humanity Bombs Another Apple Tree

Free Humanity revisits his Apple Bomb theme, and he does so in a way to make to make sure that the piece is not confused for a bomb, while also making commentary about the way the original piece was handled.

Last spring, Free Humanity caused quite a stir when one of his street art pieces featuring a styrofoam apple with a grenade core was 'diffused' by the LAPD bomb squad. You can read more about the full story HERE.

This new piece from Free Humanity has an actual tree branch pasted onto the wall, and then there is a 3d apple attached to the tree. The apple is meant to be taken home by a lucky finder.

And the new piece also features a separate bomb squad robot that has been stenciled onto a piece of wood and placed just below the apple tree.

Interesting stuff from Free Humanity.


  1. this dudes ego is gigantic

  2. Apple Pie Anyone?

  3. Yeah Free, your ego's too big to warn people about something...

    Just forget it, back down onto the couch and forget about the possibility that someone might think and start asking questions.