Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life is Beautiful - A Sneak Peek Inside 'Art Show 2011'

A sneak peak inside of Mr. Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011'.

Literally shot through a hole in the wall (shown below).

The only clear things inside the gallery are a massive head paste and some spray paint saying 'Life is Beautiful'.


  1. The head paste is Springsteen.

    The main space, where the artwork once was, is pretty much empty. The stuff on the walls was still there on Friday 11/18 but most of the pieces on the floor and the ones hanging from the ceiling were gone.

    There were large booths, tables and chairs sitting in the front center of the room, ready to be removed by workers that day.

    Forklifts and trucks were hauling away a number of MBW's large pieces from the big event on the 16th.

    Not gonna rehash this thing.

    It's over.

  2. you seem to know and care quite a bit about this whole situation FWT.
    Secretly in love with MBW? Yeah that event is over but hes still gonna do the art show-there was never anything but cadillacs in that main room anyways. How will you back pedal when the show actually happens in December? Will you eat your words and silently step down off your high horse? And BTW- Do you sit there in your car and stalk that place for hours trying to get info so you can claim to be the 'know it all nobody'?Youve been Brainwashed FWT!!LOL!! No one cares about your obsession with Thierry you gift shopper. YOU are over.

  3. thanks for the update! was wondering what was going on w that show