Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Bus Stop Takeover - Free Humanity

Free Humanity hits up a new bus stop takeover.

Featuring a Free Humanity stencil ad-busting over the corporate logo. And the lady is holding a Tomato spray can.


  1. f'n brilliant!!!

  2. Free Humanity sucks ass but this is pretty good, way to go

  3. wtf!? how does he do it??! hahah siiickk

  4. The same way KAWS did it but not nearly as good

  5. Well id guess he broke the lock, took the ad home, painted it and put it back up....

  6. Tomato spray can?!! REVOLUTIONARY! how does he come up with this stuff??!?!

  7. do any of you realize, even this website, that Free Humanity is not cool, original or even so technically able? Free Humanity's work is bush league...amateur. It's on some recent Art School graduate and "lets get up on the streets" tip.

    These ideas are passe and so repetitious in alternative society, its mad emo and not cool. And the images are some standard, barely artistic, borderline painterly, "this is how they taught me in art school" style.

    Dont know why this site specifically jocks some very mediocre "artists".

    Even MBW is a biter and not an real artist, hes a publicity stunt gone wrong. Banksy and a bunch of other street artists put him on, and he took it from there... exploiting the perverse art market(I have no problem with that, thats the game). But to look at his work and actually THINK it is good work, thats nuts. His work sells for alot because how ridiculous the market is for street art, not because its actually good.

  8. ^^^^ WHOA sorry you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and so full of hate. Art is art, it all differs. There is no good and no bad. At least people like Free are getting out on the streets week after week instead of once a year like some. It is easier to be nice than hate, you should try it.

  9. Ok, sure youre right - I am being an ugly and hateful person today . But I'm still right.

    I invite Free Humanity to come and comment on the meaning behind this poster and ask of him or her to explain what is the message that you are trying to portray through this specific peice of "art"... Please, explain what this poster means, I hope the meaning of it has some significance because visually, its nothing more than some typeface, some red paint, and a stolen image of a Campbells soup spray can from brainwash, who stole it from Warhol...

  10. ^^ I Invite you to write your real name "Anonymous" instead of hiding. And FH always comments on here so you arent asking much-

  11. ugly and hateful anonymous, grow up. FH did something pretty bad ass, if you hate so much, top him and prove youre better than him

  12. It's about the The portrayal of woman in the media

    Art is about understanding if you don't... then you don't

  13. FH- you did nothing to explain the portrayal of women in the media. "Art is about understanding if you dont.. then you dont" is pure BS. Every artist sometimes has to explain the point they were trying to make with their art. I agree wit the "hater". Sorry FH but your "art" is weak and amateur.

  14. OK I'M BACK!

    Thanks MikeGee, finally someone who gets it and isn't a Rah-tard.

    Before I start, art is NOT about understanding.

    Art is about EXPRESSION. Now with that said, you’re not expressing much.

    OK, it is about "portrayal of woman in the media"?

    What is it about that advertisement which you augmented that portrays "women in the media" in a specific way? Did you think this advertisement did women an injustice by its portrayal or was it just such a good ad that you had to stamp it?

    Don't even go with the "she’s barely clothed and highly sexualized" argument here, because she’s not. Also she’s not anorexic either, so you can’t say that either.

    She is rather, a pretty girl, who is posing for an advertisement (for a brand which I can’t identify because you put your cliché "free humanity" words over it). I rather see the advertisement in its natural state than the changes you made to it.

    And what do the words "Free Humanity" and a spray can have ANYTHING to do with "the portrayal of women in the media" and the specific piece of art here? I think you just wanted to change the ad, put your "name" on it and also add a spray can to let the public know that they are looking at "street art".

    Did you want her to be ugly? Did you want her to be fat? Maybe you wanted something or someone else to advertise this company's clothing or whatever they are selling...?

    Sorry bro, but coming from the advertising world, and more importantly, just being a normal person (non emo, non 'ultra anti conformity' type), I can tell you that advertising's SOLE purpose is to sell. That is REALITY. YOU will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER... NEVER CHANGE THAT. So of course they will put a pretty woman in their clothes, behind their product and on their advertisements because they WANT to sell their product. That is their goal.

    By having a pretty woman wearing their clothes it sparks the idea of attainment and aspiration in the "less pretty women" (or whoever, let’s just say the brands key consumer/their demographic target) who view these ad's. And ultimately, this leads to their target audience/consumers, to buy the product because of the aspirational effect it has on them, among other factors.

    Let’s put it this way, for example, say you are a graffiti artist, and you go around putting up weak graffiti tags or pieces...whatever. Say you are putting up toy work, as a graffiti artist, is that what you want your audience/the public to see? is that how you want them to perceive you, as a toy? NO. As a graffiti artist, you want to SELL YOURSELF, you want to PUSH YOUR NAME. So in order to better do that and get fame, you will obviously work on your hand styles, your pieces, your throw ups, etc (your public image as a graff artist) so that when you do put up your name, it looks good. Why do you want it to look good? So people will pay more attention to it and say "wow, that graffiti looks REALLY GOOD, I should pay more attention to that artist in the future". So you don't want to put up UGLY toy graffiti, you want to put up PRETTY, skilled graffiti art, you want it to be sexy.

  15. (Continued... haha I live for this)

    This is the idea with advertising - advertisers want PRETTY, not UGLY, for their advertisements. This comes down to something so innate in nature, this is Darwinism, Natural Selection - Survival of the fittest shall you say...

    And graffiti is EXACTLY like advertising in THIS SENSE, it’s about PUSHING A NAME, as MUCH as possible, as GOOD as possible and as FREQUENT as possible.

    If you think that your "portrayal of women in the media" piece of art is going to change the world or change advertisers/the media's approach to creating their advertisements/portrayal of women, then you are wrong buddy, very wrong. Your art won’t change anyone's mind except for any imbeciles and morons who disagreed with me.

    MikeGee is right, your art is a bunch of BS. it is "empty art" with little to no ideas, just some brainwash that your trying to pull over on the public to make it seem like you have these very deep ideas attached to your art by the lofty statements your "art" attempts to make with its text and imagery - but smart or even normal people won’t fall for it, they can see your BS from miles away.

    Yeah, so what you "get up" - lets all give FH props for that...

    I won’t, because you’re risking your freedom for some half-wit posters that don't mean anything. Anyone can get up, toys get up, people who don't have a job get up, people who are dumb get up... that doesn't matter.

    Now I'm not a mean spirited person generally, but when I see such deception and BS, it pisses me off and I got to call it as I see it. The jig is up kid. I hope what I say doesn't hurt you and that all of my hating doesn't weaken you, but makes you stronger as an Artist and helps you make better work in the future. You definitely have guts by going out so much and getting up, and I give you genuine props for that, truly. I'm not trying to discourage you necessarily - I just never want to see this BS kind of work again. But I know what reality is and I WILL see it, and I accept is a "free country"... Free Humanity haha.

    You've been out of art school too long Free Humanity, so I felt it was necessary to play the role of Professor and School you.

    You just got your art project critique.

  16. ^^ I bet you're a Gregory Siff/Thank You X/Circle fan. Although I see the argument on how does it defend women in the media there is no reason to call one person's vision of art BS. If Warhol can take a picture, multiply it, change the colors and have the world consider him a top artist then ANYTHING you imagine and put on paper/canvas/walls whatever... is art. Besides you said you come from the ad world aka corporate america. your opinions can also be considered BS but we won't go there

  17. tl;dr

    but by the length, it looks like someone needs to get laid, or smoke a cigarette and have a drink

  18. The Fact that you spent six hours writing that essay out explaining why don't like FH is hilarious. Art is also meant to spark emotion and conversation and thats what he did, to you.

    PS this comment took 45 seconds to write.

  19. ALSO if youre doing some this "WRONG" then you're doing something right.


  20. I think that dudes essay is awesome.

    The guy who wrote that sounds intelligent.

    It's a great critique and well worth the read. The fact he took so much time to write a genuine (mostly constructive) critique is a gift to FH.

    FH should take it to heart!

  21. im a "regular" Fh hater and I actually kinda like this piece. lol who'd of thought? all in all FREE bugs!! sometime HARD, but dude you gotta give him credit for consistancy and drive. FREE has passion and thats the ONE thing I like about him. stay up 'FREE'

  22. I wasn’t going to reply and just leave it alone but I can’t, I just really can’t....

    OK now, I get why I get the backlash from some of these Anonymous' posts... it’s because you guys are the idiots who fall for his work with his vapid ideas.

    So to start with Anonymous guy #1 - Don’t know who the other two artists/writers are, but yes, I do like Gregory Siffs work. Actually just heard of him a day before his 11.11.11 show... had to find a place to take this chick to for a date (which, by the way, his art and what I had to say about the art at the show to my date, got me laid that night… she got so wet, thank you Gregory Siff!). So there is my response to Anonymous guy #2... and guy, I smoke way too many cigarettes daily, steadily knock boots with a few girls on rotation, and had enough drinks and drugs in my life that I can lay off that junk for a hot minute.

    Back to Anonymous guy #1, what does being a "fan" of those three artists have anything to do with my previous post? You’re an idiot. And of course there is reason to call one persons vision of art BS, that’s why there are art critiques - they are there, partly, to call some fakers on their bullshit.

    And you’re "anything you put on paper is art" statement is wrong, Yves Klein’s canned shit piece from 1961 got ALOT of bad reviews and was criticized for not being art... anyway, it ended up being a hit. but it’s not art, it’s just art bc he was a HUGE ARTIST (who did other really sick work) and he made it and bc of his reputation, people "took his bait" so to say, and believed in his BS that it was art. I don’t think that was art though. Are your little sisters crayon bullshit sketches on your fridge art? Yes, but in her mind. Not in the art worlds eyes. Same thing here. I guess FH's pieces are 'art' to ya'll, but to me and most people with good taste in art, they would call it on its BS.

    Lastly on you Anon #1, "Besides you said you come from the ad world aka corporate America. Your opinions can also be considered BS but we won't go there" - are you one of those occupy LA sissies who don’t have a job and whine about the 1%ers all day? I’m a hardcore graff writer, who happened to go to a good university, graduate with a degree and then got a good job at a big ad firm. Why? To make fucking doe son. That’s it. My ideas are completely independent of the ideas of the company I work for, I could care less about my employer, as long as the company gives me the bi-monthly direct deposit paychecks, I’m happy. That kind of thinking is what makes you occupy supporters look retarded, you got it twisted kid, mad twisted. Corporate greed and all…. ha-ha ur crazy. My opinions are amazing

    And Anonymous guy #3, you are right and wrong. You are right in that it stirred up emotion and conversation, I hate seeing FH's work... its wack. But remember "not all press is good press". You got me there; you’re sooo smart, A+ slugger! You’re wrong about it taking me 6 hours to write, it took me about 25 minutes to write, because I can actually write my thoughts out rather quickly and thoughtfully. and yes, I’ll answer your next rebuttal, 25 minutes is a long time for a blog post, but to prove that you’re right again, I hate his work so much that I will take out 25 minutes of my precious time to explain to the less educated why they are dumb for thinking FH's work is good and why to not jock his nuts all the time (or vagina, she might be a girl with all those feminist ideas). Is it "hilarious" though, really? Or are you just butt hurt that I dissed your favorite gay lover? And please, enough with the hugs and kisses... I’m not your mommy. This post took me about 15 minutes to write (in case you want to talk some shit again); I couldn’t let you all think that you’re right when you are wrong.

    Thank you come again.

  23. Hey people why get so touchy about a critique? At least this man took the time to back up his argument.


  24. By the time I got to the bottom of the comments, I forgot what picture I was even looking at.