Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Silverlake Street Art Hangout

M&F got invited to Silverlake to come check out a cool street art studio/hangout spot.

The gallery/studio/living space is a cool area where artists come to hang out and create art. It is the home of GUNEMONSTER, Surrendr, KilleD, and another up and coming but still unnamed street artist. In the time that we were visiting, many other street artists and enthusiasts stopped by including Cali Love and Dennis from Colors In LA. It was really cool to see how this spot has become some sort of unofficial street art headquarters and a chill place for everyone to hang out.

You can see the art on the walls from the 'resident' artists, and many stickers from the artists who have stopped by to hang out

^Dope hand painted piece from Surrendr.

^Found stenciled pieces from Stuck and Life 7089.

^Sticker combo barricade.

^ Laundry basket that has been 'killed' with a KilleD sticker combo.


  1. lol looks like there mom basement or something

  2. Looks like their mom's basement. Hate to be the grammar police, but your above sentence is much funnier.