Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teach Love - Teacher Goes HUGE!!!

Teacher puts up a HUGE 'Teach Love' rooftop installation. It says 'T-E-A-C-H' with heart at the end. Impressive stuff, and great message.

The sheer size of this piece is astounding in its own right. Each letter is its own piece. These aren't pastes, but each piece seems to be a full wood cut out.

To top it all off, this piece is located right at a hot spot at Sunset and La Cienega on the Sunset Strip.

Dig it. One of the most impressive street pieces we have seen in a long time.

Stay up, and keep teachin' love!


  1. Nice, waaay better than that awful tag he's been putting up.

  2. looks like teach hq or something now. f'n nice

  3. WOW is right! Awesomely ballsy....Perfect


  4. wood? looks like corrugated plastic to me.