Friday, November 25, 2011

Teacher's Mini Billboard - Pics of the Creation

Last week Teacher's new 'Mini-Billy' or miniature billboard was a huge hit on the blog, and it is currently the biggest feature of the week. Click the link to some cool behind the scenes shots of the billboard being assembled.

Teacher has a lot of experience building these types of things. He used to professionally make prototype models for a major toy manufacturer.

The experience shows as this billboard is very high quality. M&F got the chance to check it out in person for the first time and the amount of work the craftsmanship that went into this is really amazing. We loved it so much that Qtip was jealous, and she kept trying to climb up onto the piece. The piece is bigger than we thought and it stands approximately 1 foot and a half or two feet tall. Seriously, this piece is amazing.

Teacher wants to put it somewhere and possibly have different artists collaborate on the piece. He is also thinking about doing an artist series with the pieces. Once again, if anyone has any toy manufacturing connections, email us at the blog!

Dope stuff. Stay up~

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