Sunday, November 27, 2011

Occupy the Port - Welcome to the Struggle

The Occupy LA camp in downtown Los Angeles is set to be disassembled by police order tonight at midnight.

In response, a new 'occupy' movement is being set and Occupy the Port of Long Beach is the next big step in the movement. Occupy the Port goes down December 12th. The aim is to disrupt the flow of shipping, which should interrupt business as usual.

This could be the start of a big change. Full details can be found on the flyer.

***A call to arms from a local LA street artist Inseyet--

i'd like to start by saying thank you for the post and for your diligent work. however i am writing this letter for a bigger purpose than thanks, for a purpose bigger than myself. the occupation movement in los angeles and around the world has been growing. we are a flame blowing in the wind, and whether the fire catches and changes our world is based on the actions we take today to shape tomorrow. i recently designed a paster for a major action coming up and put up a couple around town. i plan to continue to raising awareness for this action through the medium the street presents to us all. however, the LAPD has decreed that sunday night the camp at occupy los angeles will be raided and i may be in jail for most of next week.if this happens, the paster's won't go up until i'm released and the movement will have lost precious time and support. For me, street art has always been a forum of dissent and artist resistance and i believe and hope that i am not the only artist with such a belief. For anyone who has ever held the visions of freedom, of a world coated with dripping paint and paste, of liberation and the dream that another world is possible in their hearts, the time is now and the tide is rising. On a personal level, i would be eternally grateful if you could voice an open call of support for this action on the 12th of december to any artists you may be in contact with and give the paster i've sent a post on m&f. on this day, we will shut down the port of long beach. this sunday night, a stroke after midnight, the police will raid a beating heart of resistance in our city. we need your support. art has and will always be one of our most powerful weapons; now is the time to wield it. please stand with us.

rattle a can and toast a bucket to the nights we gave em hell!

In solidarity,


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