Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another New Banksy in London!?

Or Fakesy?

A new intricate stencil has been spotted in London, and a lot of news sources are crediting the new piece to be from Banksy.

The stencil is waaaay high up on the wall, and it features a woman with a shopping card loaded with a bottle of wine, a necklace, other goods, and possibly a laptop inside. She is careening out of control and looks like she is about to crash. The 'Foreign Students' website, which is credited as being the first to document the piece, suggests the woman is 'powerless to control her materialistic lifestyle'.

The stencil medium, placement, and subject matter of the piece are quite consistant with Banksy--but there is something in the shadowing of this piece that still seems off. Notice how the shadows are added onto the shopping cart but not onto the items in the cart. In our humble opinion, this is a brilliant stencil with great placement, but it is no Banksy.

First pic from Foreign Students and close-up pic from Butterfly, via Banksy Forums.


  1. your observation of the shadows are wrong. check the light source. the objects shadows would be behind the cart.

  2. Looks like a Banksy . He uses that shopping cart a lot, pretty clean stencil. My money is on its real...

  3. banksy being more than one person, has more than one technique.


  4. He still hasn't claimed credit for the monopoly piece at the Occupy London movement. Even if this was him, I doubt he'd say anything for a while. Something tells me he's avoiding claiming anything anymore so that people actually have a chance to see it.

    Btw, if this was in LA, there'd already be a giant hole in the building and a listing on ebay for it. It may or may not be a Banksy, but some a-hole would already have busted out a ladder and found some way to take it down jussssst in case he ever verified it.

  5. is indeed a banksy mate.

  6. just verified on banksy's site!