Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teacher Hits a Cop Car

Peace through ass, motherfuckers!!!

Teacher gets up on a crazy spot--on an active LAPD cop car.

The crazy thing is, the sticker almost looks official, like it belongs on the bumper, until a closer inspection reveals a hot girl bending over.

That's right. End domestic violence with Peace Through Ass.

Stay up--and keep teachin'~


  1. Now this is just stupid.......


  2. What is Teacher's deal with public servants? Fire trucks and now police cruisers? I get the whole 'fuck the man attitude' especially towards the LAPD during this time, but Teacher needs to learn respect. Those people are doing great things for the community. Teachers aren't the only heroes out there.

  3. can't take credit for this one. there's a bunch of pta stickers out there now and someone got stupid or maybe they're trying to get me in trouble... maybe the cop put it on there?... doubt it.

  4. That is just what an intelligent person that did it would


  5. This is how one gets caught sticker though lol


  6. would that make the cop a peace assifer?

  7. Step out of the vehicle, I have to ass you some questions!!

  8. Aaaaahahahahahaaaaah!! ^^