Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Public Service Announcement - We Are the Hope

Shepard Fairey's new 'Hope' poster in support of Occupy Wall Street just hit the streets.

This revised version of Shepard Fairey's Hope poster just got put up on Melrose by PSA.

This is an interpretation of the poster used for Obama's presidential election with an addition of the V for Vendetta mask. This is the second version of this poster. Shepard changed the words on the poster from "Mr. President we HOPE you are on our side" to "We are the HOPE" after someone from OWS wrote him saying they are not affiliated with any politicians.

This country is really in need of hope, as poignantly demonstrated by the man digging through the trash can for something to eat in the background.

Stay up, and stay hopeful~

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  1. awesome pic with the guy diggin through the garbage! - perfect timing!