Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fakesy NOT A Banksy

Turns out the new piece in England is not a Banksy after all

The stencil of the girl holding an Oscar is most likely not a Banksy.

As our viewers commented, and members of the Banksy Forums have pointed out, the girl is from an earlier Banksy piece titled 'No Future' (partially pictured below), and it is not like Banksy to rehash characters. Also, the detail on this new piece is different. But perhaps the most convincing evidence to prove that it is a fake, a different version of this exact stencil showed up on ebay auction ending earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Banksy or not, the piece in Weston was covered up with plexiglass (pictured below).

We screwed up, and we can admit when we're wrong. Each day, we get a half dozen tips that there might be a new Banksy, and most of the time we can sift through to tell what is a Banksy and what is not. We got fooled on this one. It was a well executed stencil and in Banksy's vicinity, and it was even clever. But perhaps mostly we believed because we were wanting to see a piece from Banksy after the Oscars, and this piece seemed to fit into what we expected to see. But we are learning not to 'expect' anything from Banksy, and just enjoy what he does.

^above are pictures of the ebay stencil

^a close up of Banksy's 'No Future' stencil. Notice the difference in the cuttings, especially in the hair.

^screen shot of the ebay sale page

^the new piece covered with plexiglass


  1. Kinda disappointing it wasn't him but I guess Banksy is gonna keep on with the anticipation!
    I wonder if he isn't putting anything new up because of all this nonsense of stealing it and instantly selling it for ridiculous amounts of money... :/

  2. Dude, I was fooled. Good Fakesy...

  3. the stencil pictured is blatantly the same one used to do this piece, but confusing origins

  4. banksy has you all fooled. he only does slaps now.

  5. just goes to show anyone can do that stuff