Saturday, March 12, 2011

Free Street Art - Facebook Stickers from 2wenty

2wenty is doing another street art giveaway, this time leaving a stash of stickers for street art fans. These just got left at 3 o'clock so its now and its fresh! Click the jump below for more info and location details

People seem to really like this Facebook Cigarettes image from 2wenty. He just got the first stickers made with the image, and to celebrate he left a few stacks of them around his pieces of art work.

There are a bunch. Feel free to take a few. Just please don't take them all at once!

These are located in the 'Dirt Parking Lot' on Melrose. Its one block East of La Brea on the South Side. Happy Hunting!


  1. Can you hook a brotha up? I want one!!!! Such a genius image!

  2. Just saw one today at Hollywood and Crescent heights. Brilliant. Thanks for the beauty.