Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Serf TCF - Street Art & Graffiti

Just like on the streets, Serf TCF hit 'Art Show 2011' hard with both graffiti and street art both inside and outside of the gallery. Serf is one of the few artists in LA who excel in both genre's.

Mr. Brainwash was so impressed with Serf's graffiti piece outside that he said if he invites some more graffiti writers back to do pieces on the inside, he plans to bring Serf back.

Serf is perhaps most well known for his Pepe Le Pew skunk character, but he introduced some really cool abstract patterned graphic work at the show including the floor piece and the orange piece next to 'You Killed Me First' on the busy outside art wall.

Serf is also a super cool guy, and M&F was impressed with the way Serf had our back all day long. Thanks, Serf! Stay up~


  1. Is this the Real Tuff City Fam or what???? I highly doubt it. Take a history lesson

  2. History of Los Angeles Grafitti:
    The Chosen Few 1986.
    No lesson necessary...

  3. TC'F' not TC'S'
    ..Take a reading lesson.