Friday, March 4, 2011

Banksy's Crayon Soldier Buffed and Gone!

Today is the day that Banksy died in LA

Today, Banksy's Crayon Soldier was buffed out of the wall behind Urban Outfitters in Westwood.

Nothing remains but a green wall, and a heavily stickered door next to where the Crayon Soldier used to prowl.

It almost seems like it would be better to have had it cut out of the wall!

Losing this Banksy feels open, like when you break up with a lover but its not quite over. Even though its gone, it doesn't seem real, and we still need closure.

We went down to JR's exhibit in Long Beach today, and when we got back our inbox was flooded with viewers giving us the tip. Many thanks to everyone, and big thanks to M&F viewer Evan for sending us these pics.

And on other sad Banksy news, the 'This Looks a Bit Like An Elephant' was also being removed today. Damn. Really?

Pics coming soon.


  1. ephemerality; therein lies the beauty.

  2. wow can't believe it

  3. absolutely disgusting. i can't believe they actually scrubbed this off! it was easily one of his best works ever.

  4. this wall is now ugly.

  5. damn...that's sick minimalism piece...I just nutted myself.