Friday, March 4, 2011

Banksy's Elephant is Dead

In addition to the Crayon Soldier being buffed, Banksy's 'This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant' is being removed today, and M&F has the exclusive drop. Click the jump for more

It seems the life span of a Banksy piece in LA is less than two weeks.

Today is the day Banksy died in LA, as two of the remaining 4 pieces from his recent trip were painted over and crated off.

The Crayon Soldier was painted over, and now Banksy's 'This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant' is being removed from its location in Santa Monica along the PCH.

According to what we've heard, someone who wanted the piece approached the land owner and purchased it from him.

We are kind of surprised that someone would want this piece. Sure, its a Banksy, but it is not very aesthetic. And, even more to the point, it is absolutely HUGE. You can see in the pics that the 'Elephant' is bigger than the crane or the semi. We are interested to hear where this ends up.

But today is kind of sad, because we thought the remaining pieces would last longer. Now there are only 2 remaining Banksy's. The pissing Bulldog (which has a full-time security guard protecting it) and the Crayon House Foreclosure (which is covered and protected with plexiglass). So hurry over to see the last remaining Banksy pieces because they could disappear any time.

***Big thanks to Will for the pic***


  1. some one just got evicted

  2. yes he did

  3. The Crayon Foreclosure is also protected by a guard 24 hrs a day. Nice guy.

  4. Dude. Typical Americans. Putting a price on anything.

  5. IWhen you have super exclusive footage of the now infamous water tower along PCH that the legendary Banksy hit last month, where do you send it?! I witnessed the hiest last night around 10pm as a few shady men with fork lifts and blow torches attempted to remove the giant water tank Banksy hit w/ "THIS LOOKS A BIT LIKE AN ELEPHANT"...
    Got pics and tons of video of this shady heist, and there was only ONE other camera around...the men driving the fork lifts struggled for hours....

  6. crayon forclosure was not protected at 650 this morn when i went by. unfortunately. maybe the guard went out for donuts.

  7. I visited the pissing dog over the weekend and there was no security there. Just a parking lot full of parents taking kids to swim class eyeing me suspiciously as I took photos.

  8. i thought the "park" piece was still up downtown? with the girl on the swing? pretty sure its still there.