Monday, September 12, 2011

Action Shots - Snyder Rockets Off!

Exclusive shots of Snyder getting waaaay up on Melrose.

It is always great to see a new Snyder piece in LA. Snyder's skill is unparalleled, and his passion for art inspires passion in others. M&F was fortunate enough to capture some action shots of Snyder putting up a new Rocket Pop Boy stencil high up on a building on Melrose.

Fellow street artist Zombie helped out by lending a hand to help Snyder get the Rocket Boy up.

Don't know if its clear from the pictures, but these are both massively high ladders. Hope the height helps it ride for a long time. Stay up~

***(more pictures of the finished piece coming later)***


  1. Nice coverage. Brings me right back to that dirty cut out.


  2. This is what this blog needs. Artists and art. Not bullshit TMZ drama.

  3. i have a feeling this is gonna bring "the buff" attention and is gonna get that ERIE buffed man..........


  4. I don't see this bringing the buff. That building has been slammed for quite some time.