Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Is Personal

It looks like the Nomad art collective in downtown Los Angeles is waging a personal battle against the street art collective from downtown Los Angeles, Nomade.

You can see in the top pic how the Nomad event pasters were scraped off the Nomade at least once already, but a new round was put on above it.

This is also not the only spot this capping has happened. Last week we posted another spot on Melrose that had got a Nomad paster put over a Nomade piece. After we posted it the Nomad piece was ripped down, and then another was put back up. Nomad seems to be careful about where they place the posters and don't seem to be capping anyone except Nomade.

Don't know any of the particulars about this beef, but it seems to be about the name.

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