Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hooked Up - Gregory Siff

Got hooked up with an awesome surprise package from Gregory Siff.

The pack features stickers, a pin, and an original hand drawing by Gregory, and we really love what he is doing with the color strips of energy in this piece.

The sticker/pin pack features hand tagged stickers by Gregory--and right on top is one of our all-time favorite stickers--not just from Gregory, but from the entire streets. It says 'You will lose and lose. Don't stop. One day you will win'. Love this piece, and recently put a picture of this sticker as the background on our computer desktop.

If you want to score one of these sweet hand tagged sticker packs or original drawings of your own, you can get both right at Gregory Siff's Big Cartel Webstore. Or you can stay up to date following him on his Facebook or his Tumblr.

Stay positive. Keep hustlin. Stay up~


  1. I got one of these too and I agree that sticker is definitely one of the best ever it even feels nice in your hand