Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hooked Up - Lydiaemily

Got hooked up with a dope hand painted paster from Lydiaemily.

Like most of her pieces, this is a politically themed piece entitled 'Not My War'. As we posted the other day, it may not be Lydiaemily's war, but she makes it her cause. And Lydiaemily has received a tremendous response in return, from folks who are grateful to hear for supporting their cause through her art.

And from what we understand, if Lydiaemily does take a stand in a war, she will follow it through to the end. Impressive how Lydiaemily has really taken a strong stand with her political street art.

Its cool how Lydiaemily also involves her family with her art. We believe this piece features her 10 year old daughter, and that daughter also helped paint some of this paster.

Dope stuff. Thanks for the hookup Lydiaemily!

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