Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beyond Eden

'Beyond Eden', one of LA's premier art fairs, opens this weekend in Hollywood.

The show features some of LA's top street artists, as well as a special section called 'Creator/Spectator' and curated by local street artist Euth. The section includes Cat Cult, CRYPTIK, Duart JDI, Euth, Line Line Dot, NOMADE and Smog City.

Should be an awesome time. The show is at a cool venue where you can see offerings from many different galleries at one spot. Beyond Eden opens this Saturday night at 6pm at Barsdell Park located at 4800 Hollywood Blvd.

"Creator / Spectator"
Presented by Thinkspace and curated by Euth
Thinkspace is pleased to present "Creator / Spectator," an exhibition curated by local artist Euth, featuring some of the most exciting names currently gracing the streets of Los Angeles with their work. The artists chosen to participate represent the outside circle of underground art in Los Angeles. These are individuals exploring concepts deeply rooted in their own personal history and that are not looking to follow in the footsteps of those who came before them. Each artist was selected because their work is not simply about a name and a product, but more so about who he or she is as a individual - this is not a group working towards a common title or theme like "street art" but instead a group of individuals who have found common ground in a medium that promotes the individuality of each component explored.
This exhibit looks to explore beyond the mentality that the medium is the message. This is about a path of life chosen by these artists that constitutes the very nature of who they are. Each artist involved in this show offers something unique to the city of Los Angeles, a personal message to which they are both creator and spectator.
Featuring works from:
Cat Cult / Corrina Corina / CRYPTIK / Duart JDI / Euth / Line Line Dot / NOMADE / Smog City

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