Monday, September 26, 2011

Free Graffiti Door

Lots of times M&F will post scavenger hunts, but this time we found a little something that someone might be interested in.

Stumbled on this sick graffiti door by the dumpster behind Hold Up Art Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. This door was a piece used in the installation in Lush's art show 'Lush Sells Out in LA'. It is an old door, but as a piece of art it boasts some of the biggest graffiti names in Los Angeles including Cat Cult, Adze, Rotting Fresh, Eone, and more.

And for those who prefer a simple look, the door next door has a clean tag from graffiti legend Asylum. We didn't flip the other doors around, but we assume that each one has some tags or art work. If you dig it, go grab it~

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