Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Want . . . the Old Mural Back

Here is the wall the day after the takeover was started. Not sure if this is the finished wall, or if they plan to finish tiling the pieces in.

Apparently, this group did have the building manager's permission to do this piece. They say they didn't realize the significance of it and apologized for going over it.

That's nice to hear, but really, a lot of people are left wondering why even do something like this anyway? There has got to be a more direct way to aid Congo.

Hopefully there will be a new mural that will go back up at this spot.


  1. should've sent the money to the congo instead of giving it to kinkos...

  2. i want hipsters to stop thinking they are unique creative individuals who are special because they want to solve some other countries bullshit.
    photoshopping some gay picture into a stencil with 3 different colors doesn't require any skill. Biting Obey, Warhol, or banksy is unoriginal. stupid sayings like "you are beautiful" or "you are a miracle" are the gayest thing you can write on a wall. These wheat pastes are a waste of paper. STOP CAPPING THE REAL ARTISTS AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE STREETS.

  3. News update from my end..if anyone cares.

    From Falling Whistles and Sean Carasso (Head hipster):

    "After weeks of searching for a free wall, the wall on 2nd and Garey was donated to us. We were told by the building manager that the beautiful mural on the wall was scheduled to be sandblasted clean to the brick in the next 2 months. Before the wall was cleaned, we wanted to use it to make a statement of solidarity in the community....It was not our intention to disrespect the artists of that wall. Or any wall. We love the art in our community and treasure the freedom to say what we feel however we feel it. The point was to elevate the heroic nature of protest. And give people a chance to make themselves heard and seen. Something this neighborhood helped teach us.
    But in the end, we did all of this on the wrong wall. And we screwed up. We respect the time, energy, money and talent that went into creating that mural. To the MSK crew and supporters - we apologize....Tomorrow (TODAY) at 6pm, I will be at the wall at 2nd and Garey to speak openly and freely with anyone who would like to talk further."

    They have undercover officers crawling around that buildings in the foreseeable future. LAPD would love nothing more then making an example of those who would vandalize property as revenge. Cant afford anyone tagging or splashing that wall. It will give the authorities cause to justify their agenda.

    They (LAPD) went to the org and asked if they were made to feel unsafe and are looking to arrest for making threats and making the community a dangerous place. The guy in charge will be there at 6 today if anyone wants to say anything to him...

    Hope this gives some closure, if not go talk to him.

  4. I can’t stand these kinds of people. Sure what’s happening in the Congo is very sad, but you know, three blocks away there is plenty of poverty and injustice happening. Nobody wants to help those people though. Oh, the allure of these distant and exotic places. Is it just hip to act like you care without actually doing anybody any good? Do something for someone you can see. Help someone in your own neighborhood. How much money do you think they spent printing these out anyway?

    I love their apology: 'But it was getting buffed anyway' & 'Oh we'll help you promote your cause too' You'd think with all their connections they'd be able to find a nice big blank wall somewhere where people will actually see it...


    Big Time!!

  5. what a fucking eye sore that wall is now. what kind of lames can't tile up posters straight? LOL

  6. looks like they got a bunch of hate mail and "Blew the Whistle". how or why the fuck would LAPD know that they have been made to feel uncomfortable or threatened? their motto is "be a whistle blower" aka be a snitch.

    also, they said the "point was to elevate the heroic nature of protest"??? c'mon, like nobody has ever put up a poster in protest before. thats ignorant hipster talk. i hate when hipsters think they are doing something original just because they didn't take the time or care to see if its been done before.

    and undercovers aren't going to camp out in front of that wall and watch it. yeaaaaah riiiiight!

  7. How are these posters any different than half the crap that goes up?

    what a terrible neighborhood for an add like this anyway. it seems like they just wanted any blank wall regardless of foot/car traffic or from how far the ad can be seen.

    keep ads out of our community!

  9. how are these posters different from "half the crap that goes up"?

    ...because heads who are really part of the scene dont go over well known artists murals out of respect and appreciation. also, since they had permission to put up their work then you would think that they would take their time and do a clean job, but what they did looks like it was put up by some belligerent drunks after the club. when i look at what they did i see a total lack of planning, creativity and respect.

  10. How is saving people from dying an advertisement? You guys are so turned around and fucked up.

  11. "How is saving people from dying an advertisement? You guys are so turned around and fucked up."

    hey they made an appearance..

    well, the answer is..

    its an add because you are selling products. you guys aren't the smartest hipsters are you?

  12. Cali Killa said it best....

  13. here are some links to some sites discussing the legitimacy of Falling Whistles. read the comments and judge for yourself. i am willing to bet that this non-profit organization is profiting heavily off their whistle gimmick. some of the comments by people who have spent time in Congo suggest their story is total bullshit and state the only time they've heard about whistles being given to children to ward off militia was from the founder of Falling Whistles. considering all their celeb endorsements, i am willing to bet that they get large donations that go unaccounted for. non-profit status doesn't mean shit. look at the med mj clubs. they are all non-profit orgs.

  14. this was taken from one of those links. nuff said..

    "I've lived and worked in Eastern Congo for the past two years, dealing directly, daily with the CNDP, Congolese army, Mai-Mai groups, FDLR and pretty much anyone else who wields a gun. I've never heard of whistles being used on the front lines. Sure, children are - to carry ammo and other supplies, and to fight. I do, however, remember the Falling Whistles guys. They came through Goma for a couple of days before making idiots of themselves by trying to get to an army-controlled mining area without having first obtained the appropriate political cover, or even the necessary travel permits etc: they got deported and, as far as I'm aware, aren't allowed back in the DRC."

  15. Ya'll are on Banksy's and Ron English's dicks when they got something to say. Then a piece gets postered over about some heavy shit and ya'll act like street art wasn't meant to be about anything but pretty colours.

    It's not like anybody got capped. The wall owner said time's up. That's just how it goes. I don't hear MSK crying about it and I don't expect to cause they are a down ass crew and ya'll are dick ridaz.

  16. haha.. i love it when people call other people dick riders while they're ride someone else's dick.

    and if you think anyone from MSK didn't say shit then you need to read more. the og mural definitely got capped by this half ass visually unappealing effort. what FW did looks like shit, has nothing to do with colors.

  17. I hope they get the living shit beat the fuck out of them anytime they are spotted in the street. Fuck these faggot ass hipsters! (sorry to the gays)
    but these people need a hard lesson.