Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ron English - Popaganda at Post No Bills

Street/pop artist Ron English has a new art show opening next week called 'Popaganda'. The show kicks off on October 6th at the Post No Bills location in Venice Beach.

Ron English has a colorful and witty approach to art, and we have always dug his aesthetic. What is so cool about this show, is that it is aimed at getting new collectors involved in art, so the price points are made to encourage folks with not a lot of money to get a little piece. The show will offer sticker packs, prints, sculptures, and hand finished multiples ranging in price from $20 to $4,000.

Sounds cool. More info can be found on the flyer.

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  1. fuck yah. i LOVE living near Venice. First Faile, then Morley, now this. Sweeeeet.