Monday, September 26, 2011

Lydiaemily Gets Busted - And Takes A Stand

Recently, Los Angeles based political street artist Lydiaemily got busted by the cops for illegally putting up posters.

She was advised by her lawyers that she could try to fight the charges, as long as she would say that she did not put up the other posters. But that she refused to deny that she had put up the other posters. Instead of contesting the charges, Lydiaemily admitted to the acts of 'vandalism' and struck an agreement with the city. The felonies were dropped to misdemeanors and she was found guilty. As part of the sentence she has been placed on probation and is also not allowed to sell any of her street pieces for 3 years.

It might seem crazy to a lot of people that Lydiaemily would not fight the charges, but she really feels strongly that what she is doing really means something, not just to her, but to all the supporters and especially the ones affected by the tyrants she depicts in her art. She believes in the messages in her art, and so, she couldn't disavow the very messages that she was putting out there. Whether folks would do the same as her or not is a personal decision, but it is admirable that Lydiaemily has taken a stand and been loyal to the messages in her art, even at a cost to her personally.

M&F learned about all this when we had a chance to sit in and listen to Lydiaemily being interviewed by John Wellington Ennis for an upcoming movie about political abuses of power, with a tie in to street art, produced by John's company Pay2Play. It was a really entertaining interview, and we also learned how Lydiaemily comes from a family with a history of standing up for social causes, and her mother was jailed many times--sometimes even for months, for protesting racial injustices in the South. Lydiaemily admires her mother and believes that her actions helped contribute the end of segregation, and it is admirable that she, like her mother, is willing to take the punishment to stand up for what she believes in.

Stay up~


  1. Amazing. Love this. Thank you Lydia Emily! You inspire me daily

  2. Lydia deserves the highest respect as an artist and a person.. the real deal right here

  3. where and what time of day was it when she got caught?
    so we know where to more cautious..

    Sorry to hear about it-she got 'revoked' with that 3 year ban of sales crap.
    That HAS to be unconstitutional-Im no lawyer, but come on!
    I hope the court realizes they have boosted her cred by volumes now.
    It reflects legitimacy and commitment to her cause. Thats worth a lot.

  4. i want some work of hers maybe ill just "donate" to her and not "buy " it

  5. Damnit, laws or ban on art shouldn't even exist.
    Emotions or feelings shouldn't be illegal.
    Keep doing your thing emily.

  6. how does getting busted BOOST cred? Cred is NEVER getting busted!

  7. If ALL the street art and grafitti was legal, it wouldnt be 'cool' or 'sexy' or have half the attention it gets-no one would care period. Therefor getting busted lends itself to ones experience, and dedication to what they do especially when they continue after the bust. Thats down. Anonymous is just scared to commit enough to risk their freedom like Lydiaemily did so they talk out of their ass. Anonymous sounds like a new found Banksy Fan/Toy.LOL!!

  8. This Is Stupid Just Stupid people get Busted
    have A good Look out Don't Try to play Hero if you don't know the game...


  9. So... Revok...and Shepherd Fairey..and Invader are 'stupid people'?
    You said it Gucci.
    Stupid enough to make a living doing it and doing it well..
    and what have you accomplished besides your comments here? And you claim to 'Know the game', if so how come your not a superstar instead of another No Namer.Is this where you get your name up? on a blog comment?LOL!!Hope you have your lookout behind you while you type your name.LOL!!
    You write Gucci?really?LOL!! If your a girl then I guess its a cool name.

  10. LydiaEmily IS the bomb - the bomb that stops wars without violence. Her activity makes us all think, question what's going on around us without giving in to the status quo, inspires us to not give up or be lazy. I am proud to know her and to be inspired by her.