Friday, September 23, 2011

This Hollywood Life

And the secret of the shiny red shoes revealed . . .

New poster from 'This Hollywood Life', or Manny Castro. Earlier this week, LA Weekly broke the story that This Hollywood Life is the same artist who is hanging the shiny red slippers and chalice from telephone wires all over LA. The same artist also did an unusual thing by leaving a 30 foot painting of Lady Gaga on the ground at Runyon Canyon.

This is definitely not traditional street art. It is clearly more of a marketing ploy for an upcoming art show for the artist at iam8bit gallery. As LA Weekly says, these an ads, but arty ones.

***Thanks to R for sending in the pictures***


  1. That ain't no poster. That there is a big ol bag o cocaine!

  2. all street art is a marketing ploy