Friday, September 30, 2011

This Is Where I Draw--er, Doodle The Line

Awesome collab piece from two of LA's most cerebral street artists, Snyder and Morley, as they team up for an awesome collaboration piece.

Snyder and Morley have each made a mark on LA's street art scene. Each has carved out a unique, distinct style--and on their own, the art from these two artists really seems to strike a chord with viewers both inside and outside the traditional street art community.

This piece features Morley's character writing 'This is where I draw the line', and then Snyder's Doodle character has come along and crossed out 'draw' and written 'doodle'. Sometimes, collaborations don't always turn out strong, but in this case, we think that this piece stays true to what each artist does, but it also comes together in a new way that takes it to the next level. We really dig this piece.

Snyder puts a lot of thought into his art and he says 'the visual is just the trophy - my art lies in the idea.' This could be said for both Snyder and Morley. And, since both can also express themselves so well and are extremely articulate, these are set to be two of the prime spokespersons for street art. Mark our words~

As always, you can read Morley's detailed descriptions of his piece, the thoughts that went into it, and the excitement of what happened during the application on his web site, IamMorley. But we decided to share Snyder's description of the piece that he sent us, because it is so poignant and captures the piece perfectly. Enjoy reading Snyder's letter below.


Check out the photos from yesterday's collaboration with Morley. It is
definitely one of my favorite projects I have planted in the LA streets.
The location is absolutely perfect. I asked Morley to scope out some
locations the night before and he found this gem. The corner is on a high
traffic road and the pedestrian flow was constant the entire time I was
there. There was even a cheap sushi place directly across the street where
I was able to enjoy my traditional post project viewing over lunch. Every
person stopped and enjoyed the piece!

The highlight of my day was standing at the corner directly in front of
our finished piece talking about the street art scene, intentions of
putting art in the streets and the future of the scene. We agreed on
almost everything we talked about, personal opinion of course, which
lasted for a good hour. We discussed how we both feel art in the streets
should ignite dialogue between its viewers and the artist, that the
community and location should be considered with the intent of introducing
a public art, and how community interaction is paramount. As we discussed
this, a man walked around the corner and immediately began asking
questions about the piece. A dialogue had been opened. He snapped photos
and told us how much he loved the piece. He expressed appreciation,
thanked us and left with a giant smile. It was as if we collaborated with
a preconceived set of goals and they were all reached immediately.

I really dig the idea of working on collaborations. I feel it might be the
next level of street art. It's certainly not a bad thing for artists to
hit the scene hard solo, but for the scene to progress, it needs to evolve
or branch out deterring stagnation. I think collabs have potential to
reignite the flame that seems to be dwindling as of late. Plus, it is one
thing to produced nice work, but another thing to integrate another's work
into yours resulting in a harmony of ideas, shapes and colors.

Check out how close the the location I Morley found is to the illustration
proposal I drew. Morley hit a grand slam with this spot!

Congrats on the sledding in the bedding! You are on fire!!!



  1. How do you miss that this is a play on a Banksy piece in SF where a rat draws a line and says "this is where I draw the line." Still rad. just saying...

  2. too bad shit lasts in koreatown for about a day.

  3. I agree. Total play off of Banksy's haight ashbury piece.

  4. just drove past this (sunday morning) and it's already buffed


  5. @KR i drove past it at 7am on sunday.. #goddamnshame all i saw was this number for graff buffers... weak