Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fake Fab Five Freddy

Last week, Revok called Fab 5 Freddy on his blog for stealing letters from Sever MSK and using those letters in work at the 3 Kings show at Subliminal Projects.

It caused a lot of drama and a lot of people had strong feelings about it. In perhaps the most literal response to the situation, someone, Fake Fab 5 Freddy, has created a twitter account where Fab 5 Freddy's tweets - http://twitter.com/FABNEWYORK - get flipped upside down and reused.

Fake Fab 5 Freddy says that 'The twitter account isn't intended as either an attack on Fred or a way to support him, rather, people can take it as they would like. The irony is that those who are upset at Freddy but like my account are being a bit hypocritical in their response to stealing content, and people who support Freddy but disapprove of my account are also being a bit hypocritical in their response to stealing content. I hope you enjoy the project.'

Interesting take and clever spin on the situation.

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