Friday, September 30, 2011

It Rained for the First Time In LA in Six Months Today

The weather is always nice in LA. But it did sprinkle for the first time in 6 months today. Good thing. Its kinda nice for a change, and the air really needed a cleaning.

Its clear that global warming is affecting the environment everywhere. Really dig this new piece from Keeper. It is a multi layer stencil featuring a reindeer with an umbrella attached to its antler, dreaming about snow.

On Melrose.


  1. I get it-Not 'REIGNdeer, but 'RAIN'deer!!LOL!!

  2. Not to argue with you MF, but global warming is a scam. Recently the head of physics in America quit over what he called "global warming idea is disgusting"

  3. "the head of physics in America" Where does one get such a title that is so vague? I'd track my sources a bit more carefully before deciding anything is a scam.