Monday, September 26, 2011

Valet Yourself - I'm On Break

A piece from Ramiro Gomez Jr. saying 'Valet Yourself - I'm On Break'.

Like Ramiro's earlier pieces, this one deals with the unsung heros fromt he service industry, and this particular one seems to be calling attention to what would happen if the industry were to go on break.

Dig it~


  1. ramiro with the real voice

  2. incredible work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey you think I WANT to valet my car?

  4. dont think those folks know how to do ANYTHING for themselves. its tooo easy to hire some/anyone for 8-10 bucks an hour then park their car, pick up their trash, raise THEIR kids, tend their gardens...Funny, never hear any of those douche bag white xtan males screaming '"CLASS WARFARE" for any of these people, do you? I guess its class war fare when you want them to pay their the rich, the poor need the protein!! keep up the righteous fight mon ami...