Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WTF - Postering Over This Graffiti Mural?!

This graffiti mural from the arts district in downtown LA is one of the premier pieces anywhere. It features crazy, intricate, colorful and highly stylized pieces from Dabs Myla, Rime, and many more artists.

We just got sent this pic of a group that wants to raise awareness for a Congo benefit event who is postering over the wall.

Don't know anything about the group or who owns the wall, but it seems like complete bullshit to tile event posters over a gorgeous graffiti wall like this--even if the event is a humanitarian fund raiser.

But what does a wall takeover like this accomplish anyway? Its in a little nook of the city that is not a high traffic area. People have to work to get to this spot, and when they do they would rather see art than an ad. Wonder how many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars the Congo folks spent printing these full color posters? Seems like it would have been a lot better spent helping out the people of Congo and not crapping up one of LA's premier art walls.

Stay tuned to M&F for more on this developing story.

***Thanks to Travis for sending in the pic***


  1. Piss in a super-soaker and go spray these fools.

    Wack is right.

  2. I really hope this doesn't make it through the night without getting a huge fire extinguisher cross out.

    hint hint

    Wish I lived closser

  3. wait! don't fire extinguisher yet! put stripping solution on the posters, give it a few, and they should come off without damaging the awesome mural.... if that doesn't work, then we find the people responsible and do some nut ripping.

  4. Good call...

    Let's find out where their office is and fire extinguisher that instead....

  5. i second that. lets keep the area clean and repair the wall. lets get this shit down tonight!

  6. This fucken disgusts me! Rich

  7. We will be hosting an open discussion at 6pm at the wall this evening. Sean will be on hand to answer any questions and receive feedback from the community. Feel free to stop by.

    Falling Whistles