Monday, October 24, 2011

Alec Monopoly Paints Custom Canvas for Billionaire

Alec Monopoly got commissioned to paint a custom canvas for a billionaire, and released a new video as part of the project.

Alec Monopoly got hired to paint a custom canvas for billionaire playboy, Alki David. A lot of people might bitch and moan at the success of Alec Monopoly and accuse him of selling out. But as we have said before, selling out is when you go against what you used to do or believed in. But if you get paid for doing what you have been doing, that is not selling out, that is success.

And Alec's being able to land a gig like this is really a success. Alec started out on the streets (and rooftops) of LA. And he has spent the last year travelling, and showing art around the world. Throughout it all, Alec has been hitting the streets hard everywhere he goes and staying true to his street background. During this time Alec has been physically threatened by graffiti writers and sought after by the police. But all of this has not diminished Alec's hunger to get up and fire for the streets. Alec's landing a gig like this just goes to show how successful he has been as a street artist, and now it is time to get paid.

Its also interesting to note that billionaire's are starting to take notice in street art and wanting to invest in a scene that is blowing up worldwide.

You can check out the video HERE.

Congrats, Alec. Stay up!


  1. looks like the billionaire playboy is already sick of it. its already for sale. so is others from the "sold out" ny show hmmmmm.

  2. So much for the Occupy Wall Street sentiment.

  3. People who make money can support the 99%, babies.

  4. Alec Monopoly got his start doing Monopoly man...
    how original is that? kinda like
    good artist copy...
    great artist steal...
    real niggaz get paid!!!

  5. DOes Mister Alec have a girlfrend?

  6. He likes girls? Shucks.