Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Alec Gets Up with Teacher

Teacher has been laying low, trying to sort out some legal issues since getting busted last week, but a lot of Teacher's work is still riding.

Alec gives a little nod to Teacher and gets up with him on this billboard on Sunset.

Stay up. For all mankind~


  1. looked better before

  2. This isn't a little nod to Teacher. Alec is getting him back for spot jacking the same billboard when it was "Batman"

  3. What a punk move by Alec. Never liked him, now I hate him.

  4. Alec = toy. Teacher = hero!

  5. .... i like it. i think it's kinda cool the way it looks like the 3 rays from the T are the ones he usually does over the C in his name and he still kept his name in perspective - like it was done on the wall next to the guy.

    btw, Alec, can i get a couple get out of jail free cards?


  6. HA! Teacher is hilarious.