Friday, December 23, 2011

The Line(s) at 'Art Show 2011'

The lines at 'Art Show 2011' were quite confusing, and at times, hectic. People had to line up in one line to get a ticket for a print, and then go stand on the other side, and then by show opening and through the evening there were big lines on both sides. Everybody who RSVP'd thought they were 'on the list' to get in, further adding to the confusion. And reportedly, the fire department put severe capacity limits on the number of people allowed in which just made the place insane.

The experience is well described in an anonymous comment that was left on an earlier show post on the blog:
In continuance to my last comment above, the SHOW WAS FUCKEN AWESOME!! Just the madness and process was HORRIBLE. First, people with tickets for the print had priority to get in the place....well...that was fucked up as you can see in the pictures above...the door was mobbed by cutters and people with no tickets at all. As me and my buddys were shuffled in like a heard of cattle, my friend was explaining to a lil punk 18 year old that you have to have a ticket to get in right now...he said give me your ticket or I'll punch you in the face...WOW!! But we were in the heard of cattle being rushed in so that punch never happened Second, when inside you had get in another line to get your email reconfirmed with some guy so they can contact you at another date and time to send you the print since they wernt ready with me....I'm not the type to bitch over free shit...I can wait....yet I did feel bad for the 4amers :( I got there at 3 and still got a ticket for the print. So this line got moved around 3 times...with more cutters and youngsters with attitudes. These 3 lil 18 year old punks kept trying to cut this line also and me and my homie had to be dicks and put em in there place..which is never fun...but when there all up on you stepping on my shoes AND cutting...he'll no. MBW made a speech about not having the prints ready and that he would send us an extra special print also " THAT WILL BE WORTH LOTS OF MONEY" 3rd....I saw some guy almost cry that the prints wernt ready for like 30 minutes.he was talking to this confirmer guy like he was the maker of the prints...THEY DON'T HAVE THE PRINTS ASSHOLE!!! I'm behind this douche trying to get my info reconfirmed and he's like begging the dude for the print that ain't there...FUCK! He even put the some other guy on the phone to talk to was horrible...people all over the fucken place...I amazingly got some shit signed which was cool. Overall, THE ART WAS FUCKEN AWESOME!!!!...just the process to GET to the art and the drama for the print was terrible.

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