Friday, December 23, 2011

Mission Occupy - Now Playing Everywhere

Toolz goes big on Fairfax with an 'Mission Impossible' ad interruption.

Toolz goes big on Fairfax with this new 'Occupy Wall Street' themed ad bust.

The piece features a well executed takeover, placing masks over all of the faces on the billboard and even mirroring the style and font of the Mission Impossible movie poster title with the Mission Occupy lettering.

Really impressive work.

Dig it. Stay occupied~


  1. the actual art is cool, the fact that the guy has balls to do this. but this whole occupy movement is ridiculous. Note that on the poster it says "no back up, no contact, no PLAN, no choice" - i think its really funny and ironic how this occupy takeover piece says "no plan" specifically. Because that's exactly right, the Occupy Movement, has NO PLAN, NO SOLUTION. All I hear is that they want change, but all they do is protest, with no MAIN GOAL, no leadership, and most importantly NO SOLUTION to what they are whining about.

    All I hear, and many other working individuals too, is a bunch of people who are whining about the state of the economy and America in general. I agree that things are messed up, but if you want a revolution, actually revolt and have a solution to the problem, don't just sit in a park or where ever and complain. nothing is going to amount from that approach. Occupy is actually hurting the economy more than its helping it, while these people camp out for weeks/months on end, they are 1) not looking for work, and instead just whining all day adding to the unemployment pool (costing taxpayers money for paying into unemployment benefits for the unemployed) - go out and work and contribute to society!, 2) they are wasting taxpayer money, this is because their presence in parks eventually forces the police to watch over them and ensure peace, also having the police kick them out of the parks too (all of this costs the city/taxpayers money); the law enforcement agencies need to allocate extra resources to this movement, if it wasn't for occupy, this money could be used for other more important services.

    I think things need to change, but Occupy is not helping. Most of the 1%ers, have EARNED their money HONESTLY - yeah the govt bailed out some firms, but this was to avoid a depression, it was needed. Why complain about what others have and just instead focus on yourself? make your own money, who cares what the next man has? DO YOU. And lastly, I see the Occupy Movement as the modern day "Looters" which Ayn Rand wrote about in The Atlas Shruged". If you are not familiar with the book or Rand, you should read it and then you will understand why the Occupy Movement is wrong and why CAPITALISM IS GOOD (not greed, but Capitalism.. its the ONLY way)

  2. fn awesome!!!