Saturday, December 31, 2011


The Hollywood arsonist hits close to home!

The freaks come out in Hollywood.

The arsonist, who is thought to have started over 30 fires over the last few nights, started many of them just north of the Melrose and Fairfax intersection.

These are pictures of one apartment carport where the center car got torched. The cars on either side show damage from being burnt and there is broken glass in the empty spot.

The other building was crawling with guys wearing white toxic suits complete with gas masks. Because of the health concern, we didn't want to get any closer to get close up pics.

It is really frightening. No idea what this agression is about. The most ridiculous theory we have heard is that it might have something to do with OccupyLA. It does not. OccupyLA is for the people and the movement is interested in righting the social imbalances that so many people are experiencing in America. It does not make war on the people it is trying to protect.

This is pure speculation, but our guess is that this is a young reckless person. It just seems so insane. No, it is insane burning this many domiciles, and its only a matter of time until this person goes up in flames.

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