Friday, December 30, 2011

New Update on Mr. Brainwash Prints

A lot of people who had waited in line for a free print at 'Art Show 2011' were upset that the prints weren't available at opening night, but Mr. Brainwash ran out of time to hand finish them the way he desired.

M&F was the first to update the print situation straight from Thierry himself, when Thierry said he wanted them done right, not rushed. And because the prints weren't ready on time, he is going to hook up an extra print. You can read all about it HERE.

Even though they were extremely busy, the show just closed yesterday but MBW just sent out an email contacting all the people
on the list for the prints, letting them know that the prints can be expected to be shipped the third week of January.

The message says:

Thank you all for coming out to the preview of Art Show 2011 last week. We want to apologize for not having the prints ready to take home that evening. Mr. Brainwash wanted to personalize each of them in front of you but the attendance was overwhelming and he was not able to do it.

We will ship the prints out the third week of January. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Have a wonderful new year!

~Life is Beautiful!~

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