Friday, December 30, 2011

Kyter Doesn't Have a Posse

Stickers from Kyter a block away from MBW's.

The one on the left says 'Kyter Doesn't Have a Posse'.


  1. There's already a
    KYTE-ORC From YEARS ago...This youngster might have to change his name...

  2. True-Ive known of and painted with Kyte ORC-he's super talented and DOWN. thats facts.

  3. I will never change my name.

    Yes, there is a very talented KYTE from ORC... and there are thousands of duplicate names out there. Maybe we should call GCANN (the Graffiti Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and report there is a copy write infringement on the name kyte/kyter/kytes and it needs to be resolved immediately.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I've been writing under KYTER for 9 years now.

    Ain't no youngster either.


  4. 9 years? Long time with nothing to show for but a couple fucken tags. Do some work to earn that name or drop it fool. Should battle Kyte ORC for the name if you want to get all real graf about it. Kyter the writer? really?LOL! did u really call urself that?LOL!!! Says it all.
    You dont even deserve to battle the real KYTE-forget I even said that.