Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stolen Brainwash Pieces from 'Art Show 2011' Being Sold on Ebay!?

During the opening moments of Art Show 2011, many pieces were straight taken out of the gallery. Mr. Brainwash even had a few pieces taken, including a spray can sculpture, similar to the cupid pictured in the last shot.

It seems that one of these pieces might have just shown up on Ebay. A spray can fitting the description of the ones taken is listed on Ebay right now. The item description says it was 'obtained at his art show on Dec 23,2011'. The piece was signed by Mr. Brainwash at the show, which is ironic considering it appears very likely this might be one of the MBW's pieces that was stolen from the show.

And what the hell is a certification from a piece that the seller is showing pics of it being signed, not bought. If anyone can write up a C.O.A, it is essentially worthless.

Almost surprising that this seems to be one of the only hoisted items being hawked so far.


  1. Did you see the SIGNED CONCRETE going for $499? It was taken from that installation of the pile of concrete with the rose on top in the back....

  2. "exit to the giftshop".. lol

  3. well he steals peoples art and sells it so..whats the problem?