Monday, December 26, 2011

Mr. Brainwash Clarifies The Print Situation - Its a Double Hook Up!

Holy shit! Next time show up to a Brainwash show eeeaaarrly!!

Mr. Brainwash aims to please. And he would rather get things done right and take longer rather than rush something half-assed.

What happened with the prints on opening night is that he simply ran out of time. Mr. Brainwash wanted to release a special print for this show, and he wanted to hand finish each print.

The prints were actually printed on time, and he could have signed them if that's all it took, but he did not have time to hand finish each piece, which is why they weren't ready by opening night. He said that each piece is going to be slightly different, like an printed edition of originals.

As for the special, the print that Mr. Brainwash is going to give to the first 300 people in line is one of his most iconic images--the Brainwash Condensed Tomato Spray can, similar to the giant inflatable one pictured out front of the show. This is the first time that MBW has ever released released this image as a print. He said he plans to do further editions of Spray Cans, but this will be the first.

MBW said that he anticipates these to be some of his most collectible images, and he says will be worth $5,000 in a few years. He also explained that he doesn't mind flippers, or folks who turn around and sell the posters for $600 the day after they are released for $300, or free as in this case, or what have you. He said he hopes that the money earned is going towards rent, or buying a guitar, or something these people need, and that it makes the world better. And the person who buys the piece for $600 really wanted it, and were able to get something they wanted, so really its a good thing.

AND, because the prints were not ready by opening night, he is going to make a second print, which will also be sent out with the first print. So, each of the first 300 people will receive 2 original prints from Mr. Brainwash. The image and content of the second print is as yet undetermined. The 300 will be contacted by email, which was taken down at the show.

As if that weren't cool enough, Mr. Brainwash said that the first 3 people in line will get an extra bonus. He said the first person will receive a gift which will most likely be valued at $15,000-20,000. And numbers 2 and 3 would also get something special.

Wow. Even if everything wasn't ready by the time the show opened, Mr. Brainwash has gone above and beyond to make up for it. We think that this is a very cool thing, and a super generous gesture. Thanks again, Mr. Brainwash!


  1. Great show. We (family of 4) signed up via his site for the 22nd premier VIP/rsvp entry and never heard back (not a whiner, but would have loved to get a print signed by MBW, especially after a 3 hour outdoors wait)..
    What a great guy he is, and I agree, his positive energy is infectious, in a very positive way. My youngest (10 years old) LOVED his show and was "tagging" art outdoors with chalk (sidewalk) the next morning...

  2. Not so great guy because everyone i know who had a ticket that night and gave their email still has not recieved anything from him..

  3. yeap, no email as of yet.

  4. You expect him to Email people while the show is still open? Wow, selfish. Give the guy time for things to settle down. Then you'll get your precious print that you'll probably just flip on Ebay anyways.

  5. Got my email on the 30th....CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY PRECIOUS PRINTS HATER ^^^^^

  6. I got my email too. Cant wait to get my prints. MBW is genuinely a very thoughtful and lovely human being and give back over and over again for all walks of life.

    Matt .

  7. mr brainwash asaid first 50 receive a special prin too!