Monday, December 26, 2011

Tighter Security at Art Show 2011

The nature of the beast.

It seems that the 'artist contribution' part of 'Art Show 2011' is over, and there was much tighter security at Art Show 2011 than there was on Opening Preview Night.

Security began searching bags on the way into the show, assumably for paint cans (or weapons).

It was kind of uncomfortable but funny watching some older women get their purses searched--but hey, never judge a book by its cover and anyone could be a vandal!

This also seems to bring back flashes of MOCA. It seemed there were more on duty than preview night, but Brainwash was no where near MOCA numbers on Security. And even though MOCA searched bags and posted a Security Guard every 15 feet, they still couldn't stop the constant 'interaction' of street artists with the pieces in the show, particularly the street displays.

It seems to be the nature of the beast, and when you have a street show it will attract that street element. And when you have a show as big as MOCA, or Art Show 2011, it becomes nearly impossible to completely eliminate actual street artists from getting up inside the show. (We bet its all the middle age women with big purses to fit multiple spray cans!)

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