Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Everybody Wants a Piece of Mr. Brainwash!

Poster madness!

Everyone wants a piece of Mr. Brainwash. It must be a sign of the times and the consumer culture, but the posters at 'Art Show 2011' was a huge draw.

The posters ran out quickly preview night, but on opening day, and the day after, there have been ample posters for everybody--and the crowd seems to love it!

Even before Mr. Brainwash could finish unpacking the posters, he was swarmed by fans trying to get one. Mr. Brainwash gladly signed all the osters that people asked.

Its really a brilliant marketing method. Generally, art shows are kind of stale, and you stand and look at someone's stuff on the walls in a foreign environment. But offer a chance to get a piece from that artist -- for Free! -- and that changes everything. Its kind of like bringing home a trophy from an experience.

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  1. I saw one guy run out with a stack and start handing them to the people in line...Thats whats up? Big ups to that guy!