Saturday, December 24, 2011

Super Amazing Hook Up - Alec Monopoly

Christmas came early for M&F, and Alec Monopoly played Santa Fuckin' Claus~

M&F got a phone call from Alec Monopoly while scoping out MBW's 'Art Show 2011'. Alec said he had an amazing hook up and to come meet him, but we had no idea what he had in mind. We rolled outside to find Alec standing there with this amazing new canvas tribute piece to Melrose and Fairfax.

The painting is called 'Get Up, Stay Up' and it features those words over a bright collage background with a spray can Monopoly Man and a Jack Nicholson head. It also has Alec's name hidden in a bunch of key spots all over the piece.

We can't say how much we love the piece. Love the vibrant colors and the flow. Alec said that he feels the Monopoly Man and Jack are his two most iconic characters, and the ones that best exemplify LA. Its a perfect fit because they are also our favorite characters. And the title of the piece is not only the catch phrase for M&F, it also seems to capture Alec's hunger to Get Up and Stay Up on the streets, as he does so ferociously.

The back also has a short shout of to M&F's Editor in Chief, Greg. It says 'You have changed the whole street art game out here and this is a token of my appreciation. Much Love & Respect, Alec~'. Much love and respect right back at you.

We always cherish the hook ups we get. All are cool, but most aren't necessarily valuable. If viewed as similar to the the one that Alec Monopoly sold to Adrien Brody recently during Art Basel for $20,000, or the piece Alec had commissioned by a billionaire, this painting is the most valuable hook up that we have ever received. But really, no idea what the price tag would be on this piece. Because of the themed nature of this piece and its being a personal gift, it is never being sold. Even if it were worth $20,00, to us, its priceless~

This means a lot personally because a lot of times artists appreciate coverage and are thankful to M&F hyping them as they are growing, but sometimes things can change once they make it to the top. We have always been fans of Alec's street art, and we told him last week that we remembered the very first piece of his we ever saw--a Monopoly Man sticker over on La Cienega in early 2009. It was purposefully capping a sticker, which was unusual for street artists to battle at the time, and we thought, "Wow. This Monopoly Man guy is hungry. He is heading for big things." When we told Alec this story and congratulated him on his continued success he has had all over the world. Alec joked about his AlecArtShow that never happened and said, "Bro, we have ridden to the top together!" Stay up, my man. Stay up~

Lol, we would give a left nut to trade places with Alec. He has been traveling all over the world, telling stories of France, and Ibiza. He has been living the life of an international playboy with rockstar status, and even as M&F has documented Alec's street art, there is so much glitz and glamour in Alec's actual day to day world, someone ought to make a movie on this guy's life. He showed up with his fabulous and amazing lady friend and movie star actress Alessandra Torresani. Alessandra is as awesome as she is beautiful, and she is getting ready for her upcoming film, PlayBackMovie.

Keep living the life and thanks again for the hook up, Alec! Get Up, Stay Up!!