Saturday, December 31, 2011

Inspired by Art Show 2011 - 60 Year Old 'Art Queen' Hits the Streets

60 Years Old. Grandmother of 8. Street Artist.~

This is one of the most inspiring stories to surface out of Mr. Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011', and a new 60 year old street artist has been inspired herself to start getting up on the streets.

We first met the 'Art Queen' on opening day of MBW's Art Show 2011. At that point, she had art, but did not have a name. M&F snapped some pictures of her holding a cool oversized poster, and when we asked her what her name was, she looked puzzled for a minute, and then came up with the name and announced 'Art Queen' right on the spot.

The Art Queen told us that she had been a fan of street art for some time. She is an accomplished photographer who has been taking photos of street art since 1988, but had never before made her own street art. The first time she tried making her own street art was for MBW's community gallery, and she got a prime spot for her piece right by the front door (before it got ruined by Hipsters).

At the show we had asked the new named Art Queen if she planned to hit the streets. She said she planned to, but we didn't know what to expect. Lots of people talk the talk, but fewer walk the walk. This was her secret life she said, and her children and grandchildren would be amazed to hear about what she is doing. And putting up a poster inside an art show is one thing, but actually doing it on the street is the next level. Even though she might be older than most street artists, she does share a characteristic that a lot of street artists have--she is brimming with youthful energy, and like Snyder has said, "Street artists are just big kids who are adults, playing".

Well, the Art Queen followed through. She got her stickers printed. And, as a tribute to M&F to place her first sticker she travelled to the corner of Melrose and Fairfax, and got it up! The Art Queen is now officially a street artist!~

We don't expect the Art Queen to smash the city. But we sure are impressed with her getting up!

Congrats on being inspired, and inspiring others. From what Mr. Brainwash has told us, this is exactly the type of thing he was hoping the show would accomplish. It shows the power of street art, and even at 60 years old, new artists are being born. Indeed, Life is Beautiful~

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